i hope to believe

that I moved from cocky to humble; being an instrumentalist but at the same time becoming an advocate for honest music, from small to big mind. To me, boundaries/styles in music are not existent, just music that creates that palette of emotions. I love the bassguitar, it’s sound and musical possibillities, the excitement of time/groove and repetition but then again an instrument is only a medium for imagination. Rooted in Rhythm’n Blues, Rock’n Roll, Jazz, Zappa, Soft Machine, King Crimson, The Beatles, Beach Boys, The Who; when playing I’m still a young guy, it’s all about sound; when stuff played in an unorthodox way but sounds great, I’m in.

The gear set-up is hybrid: soundsource is a guitar tube-amp with a 2x12" slavespeaker, transistor bassamp with a 4x 10" cabinet for tight low-end.
Effects only on the tube-amp. Of course the great André van den End basses I’ve been playing for like 30 years; a jazz, precision and baritone* (*open C-tuning , GCGC for ‘twang’ only).